Marketing and Fundraising Committee

The Marketing and Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization's overall marketing and fundraising and, in particular, the fundraising done by the board. To accomplish this, its responsibilities are:

  • To work with staff to establish a marketing and fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles, such as brochures, special events, direct mail, etc.;
  • To work with REF staff in their efforts to build awareness for REF and raise money for REF;
  • To take the lead in certain types of outreach efforts, such as chairing a dinner/dance committee or hosting fundraising parties, etc.;
  • To be responsible for involvement of all board members in fundraising, such as having board members personalize donor letter, make telephone calls to ask for support, etc.; and
  • To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee tasks are:

  • To review budgets initially prepared by staff, to help develop appropriate procedures for budget preparations (such as meaningful involvement by program directors), and a consistency between the budget and the organization's plans;
  • To report to the board any financial irregularities, concerns, opportunities;
  • To recommend financial guidelines to the board (such as to establish a reserve fund or to obtain a line of credit for a specified amount)
  • To work with staff to design financial reports and ensure that reports are accurate and timely;
  • To oversee short and long-term investments, unless there is a separate investments committee;
  • To recommend selection of the auditor and to work with the auditor, unless there is a separate audit committee, and
  • To advise the executive director and other appropriate staff on financial priorities and information systems, depending on committee member expertise.

Program Strategy Committee

Following are the job description elements agreed upon by the REF Program Strategy Committee:

  • Research
  • Generate program ideas
  • Prioritize
  • Help identify funding
  • Present suggestions to the larger board
  • Review current program operations

Governance Committee

  • To prepare priorities for board composition (assess the board's current composition and identify missing qualities and characteristics);
  • Draft a recruitment plan and continuously cultivate new prospects (meet with prospective board members and recommend candidates to the board);
  • To recommend a slate of officers to the board;
  • To plan orientation sessions for new board members and to organize training sessions for the entire board, and
  • To suggest new, non-board individuals for committee membership.
  • To discuss monthly strategic challenges and opportunities for organization.
  • To plan board meeting agendas.


Recognition Event Committee

  • To plan annual Partners Recognition Dinner
  • To seek and obtain sponsors, and to engage the board in seeking and obtaining sponsors
  • To work with staff and volunteers to assure that program, planning and event are successful.

Recognition Event Nominations Committee

  • To determine criteria for Event honorees
  • To select honorees